As we have members from Scotland to the South of France, the Broom Owners Club is organised into ten geographical regions which broadly reflect the popular cruising grounds.

The larger regions have a coordinator who is responsible for welcoming new members to the club, maintaining good communications, and organising local events, both on and off the water. These coordinators are part of our overall committee and are an important channel of communication. Some regions, like the Thames region, represent nearly a third of our total membership, whilst others have only a handful of members.

What they share is the opportunity to grow and develop at the rate that local members want. Smaller regions now have a regional representative who acts as a point of contact for that area, and can offer advice to visitors.

If there’s no coordinator for your area then think about volunteering. We only have four committee meetings a year, and most of our communication can be done electronically.

Our Vice Chair looks after those areas without their own coordinator.

Some Regions are geographically self-evident – ‘Scotland’, ‘The Channel Islands’ etc. But the definition of mooring Regions in England and Wales is based on post-codes, which is best shown by means of a map:

Region Coordinator/Representative Area covered
Central Region

Simon Acaster

Newark, Lincoln, the Trent and the Humber
Channel Islands


Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney, Sark & Herm
Eastern Region

Paul and Thandi Bates

Norfolk and Suffolk Broads, the Fens including the Great Ouse and the Cam, and the coast from Kings Lynn to the Orwell
European Region

Guido Roß

We have members in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Corfu, Slovakia and Tunisia

Pete Fishwick


Sandy Aitken

The coast of Scotland plus the inland canals
South Coast Region


South coast of England from the Kent border to Poole
South East Region

Alan Foden

Essex and Kent coasts including the Thames Estuary and the Medway
South West Region

Bevan Kendall

West Country coast from Lands End to Poole

Terry Sharp

Upstream from Teddington
Western Region

Keith Tristram

From the north coast of Cornwall to the Scottish border including the Severn estuary and Wales.