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I have been on the BOC Committee since April 2021, taking on a position that had been vacant for some time. I have been a Broom owner for four years and have enjoyed my short time on the Committee looking at ways to encourage new members to join and to make the Club more enjoyable for our current members. My boating history goes back to 1976 when I first took a boat out on the Shannon and I’ve never looked back. I would like the opportunity to continue in this role to develop the Ireland Region.

The Broom Owners Club in Ireland has members in various locations all over the country. In Northern Ireland there are two large lakes, Upper and Lower Lough Erne which are connected to the Shannon Erne Waterway which flows south into the Republic of Ireland. This then continues into the River Shannon which flows all the way down to the Shannon Estuary at Limerick, via two large lakes, Lough Ree and Lough Derg. This provides boat owners with a variety of waterways and lakes to explore. In addition to this, many members venture out to sea and explore the many beautiful coastal regions of the Island of Ireland.

There are a large number of Broom boats in Ireland, varying in age and size. It is possible to hire a boat in Ireland and in fact one large hire company, Emerald Star, was a major customer of Broom Boats in the past. Some of these ex-hire boats are now proudly owned by members of BOC and can be seen all over Ireland.

Broom Owners Club is a wonderful opportunity for members to exchange ideas and technical advice and is an opportunity to draw on the experience of others in the event of any problems encountered.

It is also a wonderful way to meet fellow like-minded boat owners at social events and meetings which we hope to arrange during the boating season.

All our members have the opportunity to join our Ireland WhatsApp page which was recently introduced. It has proved to be a great success with our existing members and is a good way to discuss problems or concerns, talk about technical issues and also to arrange social events and even check on mooring or weather situations.

If you are interested in joining or need any further information regarding the Broom Owners Club please feel free to contact me. 

Pete Fishwick

Coordinator: Pete Fishwick

Mobile: 07720 314895

Broom 37 Crown, Salem II

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