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Sue and I have owned our present boat Synchronise, a Broom Ocean 38, since 2015 and keep her on the Thames at Racecourse Marina, Windsor.  She is our second Broom, we enjoyed a rare Broom 31 called Nonsuch before upsizing and modernising.  We love the Thames with its tranquillity, nature, relative safety and frequent mooring opportunities – especially those with great pubs nearby.  When time allows we also like to venture coastal and cross the channel occasionally.

I work as a Consulting Engineer in the field of building automation and energy management systems and my career has allowed me entrance to many of the world’s greatest buildings.  I’ve worked in palaces, stadiums, the world’s tallest high rises and critical life-saving areas of hospitals. 

I have messed about in boats all my life and blame my Dad – he was in the merchant navy.  A few years back I attended an RYA Training course at our local yacht club and enjoyed it so much I kept going back.  I am now an RYA Instructor and Assessor and thoroughly enjoy sharing knowledge and experiences with students over a range of practical and theory courses.

If ever you see us out and about, please moor along side and say hello.  We look forward to saying hello in person.

Coordinator:  Terry Sharp

Mobile: +44(0)777 980 8270

Broom Ocean 38, Synchronise

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