Broom Owners Club

South Coast 2024 Start-of-the-Season Lunch

Despite very damp conditions, we were very pleased to welcome 19 members to the South Coast Region’s very enjoyable Start of the Season lunch at The Boathouse, Hythe Marina on Sunday, 25th February. It was lovely to see a couple from the Isle of Wight and a couple from the Thames Region, who had travelled the extra miles to join us.

Interestingly, there were three past South Coast Co-ordinators at the lunch: Frank Hawkins; Anton Bates; and Gill Oldham. When thanking Julia Greenhalf for all her hard work in organising the lunch that has always marked the start of the Region’s boating year, Gill reminded everyone that currently, this was the only event planned for 2024 as the Region no longer had a Co-ordinator. She urged members to step forward to organise future events so that everyone can continue to enjoy their boating stories and friendships. Do let BOC Chairman David Haugh know that you are interested (David

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