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Next Committee meeting – 22nd April

Committee meets four times each year, and the next one will take place on Saturday 22nd April at the Cruising Association Headquarters in Limehouse. There is always a full agenda, but it is important that members raise any matters about Club activities and organisation so that they can be given some consideration. The draft agenda is below, but if you have any issues for debate, post a response below or contact your Regional Co-ordinator in advance of the day!. The draft minutes will be posted on the web-site a couple of weeks afterwards

Committee meeting Agenda,

1Welcome by the Chairman [DHg]
2Apologies for absence [JO]
3Approval of the minutes of the meeting held on 16th February [DHg]
4Matters arising from the February meeting [DHg]
5Membership survey [DHg]
62023 AGM [DHg]
720th Anniversary event [DHg]
8Secretary’s Report [JO]
9Treasurer’s Report and Budget [DE]
10Membership and Renewals [KF]
11Club Insurances affiliations and Policy documents [DHg]
12  Tabled Reports
 Web master’s Report [LB]  
 b   National Events [LV]
 Technical Co-ordinator [KR]
 Magazine [JJ] / [DHg]
 Regional Co-ordinatorsCentral -Eastern [PW]European [DW]Ireland [PF]South Coast [GO]South East  [AF]Thames -Regional Representatives’ feedback  
7Any Other Business

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