Broom Owners Club

Membership Survey – Pennant Winner

By David Haugh, BEM

If you completed the Membership survey, and a big thanks to all 177 of you who did, you’ll recall that as an inducement to do so, if one was needed, all respondents would be entered into a draw to win a BOC pennant. Google random numbers generator was used to generate a number relating to the serial number of entries, and I am pleased to report that this very valuable prize was won by Sandy Aitken, Scotland Region Representative. Congratulations Sandy, and a pennant is on its way to you. Fly it with pride!.

The survey closed on 10th April, and the responses are now being analysed. The analysis will help with planning, both Club wide and within regions, and relevant results will be circulated when available. It was a great response, much better than anticipated, and gives us an insight into members views and thoughts on how the club should be run. There were also some very nice comments about committee members and the hard work they put in on behalf of the Club, and I am grateful, on behalf of all committee members, for those kind words of recognition. I’m also very grateful to Carole Rowe, for all the hard work, expertise, initiative and enthusiasm she lent to the project. Without Carole’s input the survey would not have happened in such an efficient and effective way. She really has done an outstanding job. Thank you Carole.

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