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Broom 35 Captain


The Broom Captain was introduced as a more spacious version of the standard four-berth cruiser and at the time offered a new standard of comfort and convenience. The central wheelhouse had either a fixed or hinged wooden canopy, or one of folding canvas.

The so-called stateroom was forward with two single berths in an L-shaped configuration – later converted to a double on the port side by some owners. Bathroom facilities ran only to a basin and toilet, but a shower was added later in some models. The saloon provided two further berths and the galley ran across the aft of the boat. The open cockpit seating area was a special feature and set the tone for future designs.

The Captain was fitted with a single Morris engine and also came complete with a 12ft sailing dinghy.

35 Captain plan
LOA:34ft 6in / 10.5m
Beam:10ft 3in / 3.12m
Draught:2ft 6in / 0.76m
Min. Air Draught:xxft xin / xm
Hull Form:Displacement
Cruise Speed:5 knots
Max. Speed:7 knots
Fuel Capacity:xx gals / xxltrs
Water Capacity:xx gals / xx ltrs
Build Period:c1950-1967
Number Built:xx
Previous Model:xx
Successor Model:xx
Market Value:c£37,950

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  • Michael Angus

    Hello Back in the late 1960's my father had a Broom Captain which we had until 1975. He then moved onto a 45ft steel Degroot The style of the Broom Captain , was different to most I have seen, as the front cabin window was a small oval. It also had oval window towards the rear on both sides. Does anyone know the style of this vessel with this type of front cabin window.

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