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Broom 33

The Broom 33 was intended to strengthen Broom’s presence in the seagoing medium-size cruiser market and bridged the gap between their well-reputed river boats and their larger sea-going models. It represented a popular entry level boat in the Fast Offshore Range, although it has since been discontinued for a larger model.

The interior layout could be offered with or without an interior helm, the latter option providing a more spacious saloon. The aft cabin makes the best use of space by fitting the double bed diagonally, and still retains separate shower and WC cabins.

The standard engines for the Broom 33 were twin 100HP Volvo TMD31Bs but as these only gave a top speed of 12 knots the 33 was more typically fitted with the more powerful 180HP or 200HP Volvo TAMD41/As for offshore cruising.

33 plan
LOA:34ft 3in / 10.44m
Beam:12ft 2in / 3.7m
Draught:3ft 3in / 0.99m
Min. Air Draught:9ft 6in / 2.90m
Hull Form:Planing
Cruise Speed:16 knots
Max. Speed:22 knots
Fuel Capacity:160 gals / 720 ltr
Water Capacity:80 gals / 364 ltr
Build Period:1989-1992
Number Built:29
Previous Model:
Successor Model:345
Market Value:£80,000 – £100,000


  • David & Rosemary Lyth

    Much better than original version but the boat photographs have disappeared! I think the maximum speed is no more than 20 knots based on my and others experience.

    • Keith Tristram

      I would agree, based on my experience with "Royals Dream" and having the larger 200hp Volvo engines fitted. I've seen 19 knots on the GPS a couple of times. Holding the engines at 2600rpm gives the best balance of power/economy and from memory that sees me moving 12-14 knots depending on conditions.

  • Louise Busby

    Photos now reinstated! Hope you like it :-)

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