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European Region Spring Update

Last June’s gathering in Naarden was a “watershed event” for BOC in Europe. Having long declared that the region could not expect to have such events, given the small numbers of boats spread across eight EU countries, Keith and Carole Rowe proved me wrong.

You will be familiar with the Naarden 22 story but in summary, they succeeded in organising six boats crossing from the UK, to  meet up in Holland with nine EU based boats. Another four members came without their craft. The event also attracted new members who joined, having heard about it from friends. The outcome has been a 35% increase in European membership and strong interest a repeat event at Naarden, now planned for 9th to 12th June this year.

To encourage more people to cross from England, this Spring Keith and Carole have held two presentations, open to members of any region who might be interested in joining the fun in Holland.

The first was on Saturday 28th January, hosted by Alan Foden Southeast Coordinator, and the second on Saturday 25th February, in Norwich.  In total over 50 members attended the two presentations. At this date, we already have 14 UK based boats planning to make the crossing in three separate groups, one of which will be for slower craft and those who have limited experience of sea cruising.

I have heard estimates that there may be over 200 Brooms based in the Netherlands and would ask members based there to spread the word, see if we can attract more new people to this year’s June gathering, and of course to join the Club.

Looking beyond Netherlands, shortage of water in major European rivers and canals was a serious issue for most routes from as early as July, during 2022. With this and our presence at Naarden in June, Marjorie and I have postponed plans to return with La Strega to France this year.

Don Walker


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    Guido Ross

    Good evening Don! Thanks for your update. Looking to see you soon at Naarden!

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