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Wanted P Brackets for Broom Crown 37

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  • Maurice Cook
    Maurice Cook

      Can anyone suggest where I might source a pair of P brackets for my Broom Crown 37 please.

      David & Pamela Harrison
      David & Pamela Harrison

        Try Clements Engineering whose details are in the back of the club magazine.  For many years they were prime suppliers of stern gear to Broom and may have original patterns.
        Also try Teinbridge whose details are also in the back of the magazine.

        If your looking for secondhand components its a case of trawling through breakers yards and other stern gear manufacturers who may have something suitable.

        Dave Harrison

        Keith and Carole Rowe
        Keith and Carole Rowe

          Marine fabrications also may be able to help as they have all the underwater tools from Markwell who were suppliers to Brooms with these models as well as ocean 37’s.  This company are all ex Broom employees in the fabrication department, based in Norfolk but very helpful and they are mobile, ask for Craig or John and mention the BOC.

          Simon Woods
          Simon Woods

            Dear member

            Please source new parts often second hand underwater gear does look attractive for the price over new but when you have to fork out for new bearings and shafts then you may reconsider the price with all the additional lift out and chocking costs plus shafts loss of the boat during a season you may reconsider



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