David Evans

David Evans - Treasurer

Contact Details

Landline: 01692 631023

Mobile: 07785 392610

Email: hillside007@btinternet.com

Location: Horning, Norfolk

Miscellaneous Information – Broom Ocean 42 Foxley Lady – Moored Lower Road, Horning

I am a retired Patent Agent and Trademark Attorney. I have been sailing since the age of 12 when I was volunteered as crew on a rather leaky 27-foot boat for a trip round England. I have been sailing/boating more or less continuously ever since.

I spent some 15 years as an RYA shore based and offshore instructor and ran a navigation school for a major part of that time. As an offshoot of the navigation school, I was the founder Commodore of the Channel Sailing Club and have also served in all the relevant posts of Chichester Yacht Club.

As to treasurer, I served as treasurer for the Institute of Trademark Agents (as they then were) for six years, was treasurer of the British section of FICPI (International Association of intellectual property attorneys) for three years and was treasurer and secretary of the Betchworth & Buckland Society for another six years.