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Published: 19 April 2021 19 April 2021
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Recently, a video-conference meeting of S.E. Region members was held to start planning for events when conditions allow. Please click 'Read more' below to view the minutes of this meeting.   Frank Hawkins, Regional Development Officer

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Informal meeting with Frank Hawkins Regional Development Officer


On 23rd March a Zoom meeting chaired by Frank Hawkins, the Regional Development Officer, was held to discuss what we can do in the region to encourage and assist our members and their families. There had not been a SE Region meeting for some time and the purpose was to discuss some ideas and events and activities that would be good for club members in this area.

Members would like to explore Cruising in company to other marinas or moorings in the area and/or meeting at various welcoming clubs or associations.

Alan Foden is investigating Ramsgate Royal Temple YC to see if we could meet there, and Roy Lord is doing the same for Rochester Cruising Club and also to see if this could be organised to tie in with some local “Dicken’s” events in the town

Cruises in company were suggested to such places as Chatham dockyard and when the time is right cruises across to Calais starting from Ramsgate could also be arranged as Calais has now been developed and is very much welcoming boats to their Marina.

Those associated with Marinas where there are eating facilities are also going to investigate if we could have “Land visiting” suppers or events in their locations.

We discussed some of the events that the SE Region have held before and there will be some ideas brought forward for some “Pub Nights” and a possible visit to the Thames Barrier once these are allowed again. Kelston is going to investigate if we can have a boat trip on Pocohantas or if that is unavailable if there is something similar.

Group boat rallies were also mooted for the Suffolk/Essex backwaters with other visits that might include Brightlingsea, Bradwell and Aldeburgh. We hope members may come up with positive ideas for these.

It was also discussed that these events might also interest some Thames region members and in due course perhaps some events with East Region may also be possible.

The evening was very enjoyable, and it was decided that to have some further zoom meeting on topics of specific interest would also be helpful.

  1. Boat Maintenance with Keith Rowe
  2. Documentation and procedures for Boats going cross channel in the Post Brexit situation.

On a sad note, we have to report the sudden death of Bryan Carroll and we have sent Rita and the family our most sincere condolences.         Also, Roy Newing who owned the Boathouse Moorings at Groveferry has also passed and we send our condolences to his family as well.


Frank Hawkins 07850 150462 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.