BOC member Tony Riley, owner of Broom 35 Sedan ‘Legacy’, has been awarded the Chairman’s Letter of Commendation.

Nominated by former Thames Region Coordinator Andrew Cotter, and supported by James Gerring, Chris Knight and Mike Fowler, Tony was put forward for the award for his tireless work on behalf of boaters on the River Thames, which particularly benefits members in the Thames and South East Regions of the Club. Additionally, Tony’s efforts to ensure that the pleasure boater’s voice is heard when the Environment Agency and Port of London Authority are considering new rules and legislation which effects all boaters, benefits members visiting the Thames from other regions too. The full text of the Commendation is reproduced below:

Broom Owners Club - Chairman’s Letter of Commendation - TONY RILEY, Chairman, Association of Thames Yacht Clubs (ATYC)

Tony Riley has been awarded the Chairman’s Letter of Commendation.  Tony, owner of Broom 35 Sedan ‘Legacy’, has been a member of the BOC for a number of years, and is moored in the Thames Region. Tony is a keen boater and has spent many years cruising on the Thames. For the past two years he has been Acting Chairman then Chairman of the Association of Thames Yacht Clubs, which represents boat clubs along the whole of the Thames, from the highest reaches all the way to the Thames estuary, and it is for the tireless work that Tony puts in on behalf of all Thames boaters, that he was  nominated for the award.

In his role as Chairman of the ATYC, Tony liaises with the Environment Agency (EA) on non-tidal Thames issues, and with the Port of London Authority (PLA) for all issues affecting leisure boaters on the tidal Thames. Lately this has meant presenting a boater’s voice to the relevant authorities responsible for Hammersmith Bridge, the closure of which has effectively cut off passage from the non-tidal Thames to London and beyond and prevents visitors from visiting the reaches above the bridge. He has also spent a good deal of time negotiating with the EA on locks and mooring problems, particularly the recent introduction of a car park company to oversee short-stay moorings and the problems this has caused. Tony is the first port of call for leisure boaters experiencing problems using the river, and also for the PLA and EA when they want to discuss leisure boating matters. In these issues he always puts the interests of the leisure boater first and ensures that their voice is taken into account as rules and regulations are newly imposed or existing ones are changed. He has gained a significant and trusting relationship with the EA.

Tony works tireless for boaters on the Thames, which is of benefit to members of the BOC in both the Thames and the SE Regions and of course visiting BOC members and as a member of the BOC he shows the Club in a good light in the boating community. For this, and his successful efforts to have the sometimes heavy hand of the EA and the PLA eased to allow the interests of boaters to be included, and for generally taking the argument for better amenities for leisure boaters forward, Tony has been awarded the BOC Chairman’s Letter of Commendation.





For many years, when Brooms were still building boats, Clements Engineering were  the preferred propellor supplier. They cast propellors for specific build numbers, and over the years have maintained a record of the specification for individual boats. Additionally, they manufacture propellors for clients world-wide, and have a significant expertise in propellor design and construction.

Clements had offered a discount to BOC members but discontinued this as they want to support Broom dealers and not under-cut them. They do want to maintain ties with the BOC however, and are proposing to write an article for Sweeping Statements, based on the types of queries members may have about propellors, and about common propellor problems, and pay for this article to be printed in the Club magazine.

The article will depend on you asking the questions, so if you have any queries about pitch and thrust, or cavitation and trailing edges or the best type of propellor for your hull shape, then let me know. I will gather them together for Clements Engineering to provide the answers.

A closing date of 31 August, 2021, will allow plenty of time to get your questions in, and also allow time to provide answers for problems which may arise during the present cruising season. E-mail your questions to David.Haugh@btconnect by 31 August, and sooner if possible.

It's a win-win situation. Get your propellor queries answered and get support for the Club magazine too. What's not to like?


The latest edition of the Club magazine, Sweeping Statements, is out now, and was posted to members on Monday, 26th April. You should receive your copy by the end of the week at the latest, as it is despatched by 2nd class mail. Enjoy the read.

The next edition will be printed in November, and all copy should be received by the cut-off date of 31 October, 2021. Email the editor, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in word format and please use the highest resolution/pixel you can for accompanying photographs. Help make the next magazine even better, and let the Club know what you have been doing in the season. Happy boating.

Holland trip postponed 'till 2022

With the uncertainties of possible European Covid pandemic restrictions and changing demands post-Brexit it has, with regret, been decided to postpone the planned BOC meet-up at Naarden, Holland until the 2022 season. Details will be published nearer the time!


Eastern Region member David Rogers (Broom 1070  ‘Eastern Dawn’) has been awarded a Chairman’s Letter of Commendation. 

David was put forward for the award by members Linda Varney and Keith Rowe, as a mark of appreciation for his contributions to the Forum. One of the major resources of the BOC is the technical expertise members share with each other and over the years, in fact since joining the Club in 2004, David has been a consistent contributor. With his wide knowledge of mechanical and electrical applications he has been able to offer advice and solutions to a range of problems posed by members, and his willingness to contribute on a consistent basis has been of great help to many and it demonstrates, and contributes to, the value that belonging to the Club provides. A letter of commendation, confirming the award, has been sent to David by Chairman Peter Bentley.

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