Shell Seeker - Charging Upgrade

Our 1998 Broom 34 had the standard engine-to-battery charging setup when we bought her - 12volt/70amp alternator with built-in regulator/controller and an X-Split charge splitter (to split the alternator output between the engine start battery and the domestic batter bank).

With an electric fridge, relatively small domestic battery bank (2 x 120 amp/hour batteries) and no shore-power at our mooring, I calculated that we were in danger of damaging the batteries through discharging them too deeply. The solution I selected was to install an external, digital alternator controller and to add an instrument to monitor all the charge going int and out of the batteries.

I thought this would be an easy 2-3 day job - HA! It actually took me 10 full days work from start to finish. However, the results have been worth it.


Sterling Pro Alt

Sterling Pro Counter

Serious cables

Cable Sizes

Lugwrench and Lugs

Battery Area Before (from top)

Battery Area After (top)

Battery Area (from stern) before

Battery Area (stern view) after upgrade

Battery Area after upgrade - lots of cables!

Pro Alt contoller installed

200 amp shunts installed

Pro Counter installed

Pro Counter display



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