Irene II - Aft cabin headlining

Niall Smith keeps his Broom Crown 37 'Irene II' in Bannaighar, Co. Offaly and joined the BOC in 2009. While the boat was out of the water this winter he decided to replace the headlining in his aft cabin with a leatherette fabric which gave the cabin a bright, modern feel. 

He bought the boat three years ago, replacing a Seamaster 30 which proved itself a bit too small in bad Irish weather. The Broom Crown is his dream boat with a great layout and very comfortable, although time has taken its toll on some of the interior.The back cabin ceiling was something he spent many a lazy Sunday morning in bed looking at, trying to come up with a plan which would be both easy to implement and look good.

The impetus to act came when he discovered that behind the original fabric was a foam backing which was rotting and causing a bad smell. The original finish was to a high standard and Niall tried to make sure his work would match. The project he devised took about two days and he took the opportunity to insulate it as well.  The result is impressive and now is much easer to heat and when the sun does shine it stays cool as a result of the insulation.



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