Western Region

Representative: Laurie Lea

Tel:  Home: 01684 594753 Mobile: 07462 226447



Hello, I'm Laurie Lea and I would like to take a few words to introduce myself. 

I started my boating back in the early 1970's on the Monmouthshire and Brecon canal thus giving myself bragging rights regarding use of a canal that, even today, few people have been on. In those pre-restoration times in a 14 foot dinghy it often took a half hour to lock up due to the awful leaks and you could go all day and not see another moving boat. Nights were spent in a tent on the towpath !

Through the eighties and nineties time was spent on the Shropshire union canal and the Broads whilst working as a Financial Project Manager for Royal Mail.

During the last ten years or so Angela, my wife, and I have spent two years on the Thames followed by three years on the Trent and connecting rivers. Since 2013 we have moved our boating closer to home on the River Seven and, for the first time, dipped our toes in the really salty waters of the tidal Severn.

We upgraded to a Broom 34 around 18 months ago and since becoming involved with the club have tried to develop the membership in the Western side of the country. 






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South Coast Region

Coordinator: Anton Bates

Tel:  Home: 023 8084 7852  Mobile: 07766 088717


Retired solicitor and for 35 years my wife and I sailed several Westerlies, an Oyster and finally a Fountaine Pajot catamaran. We have our enjoyed sailing on the the South Coast, Brittany, Australia and the Caribbean before converting to power in 2015 and a Broom 39KL. Laurie and I are looking forward to speedier, warmer and dryer passages and to meeting members both on and off the water.







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South East


Representative: Kelston Tobin                                                                                                     

Tel:  Mobile: 07860 541953                                                                                       


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Coordinator: Vacant Position


Welcome to the Ireland Regional Page

As can be seen from the attached map the Broom Owners Club (BOC) has members on the Shannon and the Erne which are the two main Inland Waterways of Ireland boating areas. At present we do not have any coastal members but needless to add, coastal based members would be very welcome. 


There is a large number of Broom boats in Ireland, some new, some old and in many cases ex Emerald Star Line hire boats as that company was a major customer of Broom Boats in the past – we would be delighted to welcome them to membership of the BOC.

BOC is a wonderful opportunity for members with similar boats to exchange ideas and an opportunity to draw on the experience of others in the event of problems.

Whilst the BOC provides an opportunity for members to cruise in company it is not intended as a replacement for existing boating organisations or clubs. BOC endeavours to have gatherings now and again and on occasions that the club is joined at those gatherings by staff from Broom Boats which presents members with an informal opportunity to discuss various issues.

If you are interested in joining or need any information concerning the Broom Owners Club please feel free to contact any committee member.



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Coordinator: Andrew Cotter

Tel: Home: 01784 482124 Mobile: 0771308041


Broom 30 Wisecrack. Moored alongside, Thames.

My introduction to sailing was mostly in dinghys  on the South Coast and the River Blackwater in Essex. Had fun trying to handle a Thames Barge out of Maldon and sailed a 30ft sloop up the Keys out of Nassau, Bahamas. Boating on the Thames since the early 80s. cruising  area also includes the tidal Thames  to London, the Medway and East Coast, we have also been to Dunkirk  (Operation Dynamo 2010)   and to Bruges. We are also members of The Thames Scouts Cruising Club TSCC) and  Weybridge Mariners Club (WMC).








Visit our Events page to find out what's been happening and what's coming up.


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