Cruising in the European Region

It's not only the UK and Irish regions that provide information and events for members, now the European Region is up and running.

The intention for the present is that I coordinate at least the site on the web, and maybe in the future some sort of event too. In the first place though I thought it woud be useful for members who are in the European region to help each other, and visiting members from other regions, by providing local knowledge about their home cruising areas. This could be achieved by posting information on this area of the web, perhaps concerning fuelling points for example - finding one can be a problem - good moorings and stopovers; highlights of particular towns or cruising areas; little known spots that should be added to any cruising itinerary; how to avoid difficulties; local rules to be aware of and such information.

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If you have some local knowledge that you would like to share then please use this page to do so. We are cruising from Liege this year, following the Meuse to France, the Canal de l'Est to Nancy, the Moselle to Koblenz and the Rhine to The Netherlands and eventually back to Brugge for the end of September. For those of you who know the rivers and canals and have any knowledge of good marinas (particularly where Sinemora can be left for a week or so) and fueliing points too, then posting them on the web could be the start we need and could help other members as well.

In this respect there is a cruising log on the site written by Gill and Peter Pitcher, who cruised their Broom 425, Sea Wolf, on the Rhine, Rhine-Marne Canal, Canal de la Sarre, the River Sarre and the Moselle in 2012, and this log is full of information. Piet and Annie Steenkist also did a similar journey, and their cruise is written up in the last issue of Sweeping Statements, so already information is availlable. Add the fact that we have members in Finland, Germany, Holland, France, Greece and Spain and it's very apparent that we have a host of local knowledge within the club, and with this website an ideal place to capture and record it for all members to use.

Please feel free to add your suggestions and to ask any questions - between us we should be able to provide the answers! And above all, please share your local knowledge and get the European Region off to a flying start.

Best regards, David

David Haugh

Sinemora, European Region Co-ordinator



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