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Northern Broads meet

We are planning to have another trip to the northern Broads in May for a couple of weeks, perhaps with another boat.  Would an members based in the area be interested in an owners club meet ??

Due to our air draught the meet would need be seaward of Wroxham, Potter Heigham and Ludham bridges.

E-mail me if interested.....

Vic Hodson

Beccles and Brooms

This posting is a bit late.....the two events on the Broads being close together and newsletter publication date on top took up a lot of time....and we've been to the boat show!

The computer crash I suffered half way through the newsletter preparation wasn't too bad as the chap who reapired my laptop manged to salvage everything, but told me the machine is past its use by date - and it has got really slow, a new one is imminent.

Beccles at Bank Hoilday was well supported with 10 boats enjoying the wonderful weather allowing us to have barbecues on both Saturday and Sunday evenings.  Taking Little Gem and Sea Lord under the low bridge at Beccles and up to Geldeston to the Locks Inn gave most of us a very convivial afternoon and lunch at the pub, which was very busy.

Back at Beccles, an outbreak of Boules occurred during the weekend and a few people are now hooked on the French game - no doubt somebody will tell me it's an old English game dating back hundreds of years !!

On the Monday we moved off and enjoyed the evening fireworks at Oulton Broad.  The 12 of us in the cheap seats on board Misty Isle had a brilliant view with Bill and Sheila being the usual perfect hosts.  The crews of TimChris, Miss Ellie and McWytch enjoyed the display from the front stalls in Kerry and Carol's garden adjoining the Broad......but got covered in firework fall out ! I understand that the wine was of high quality....and very plentiful.....fall out and hangovers !

The following Saturday the club hosted a barbecue at Brooms for all local and visiting Broom owners, this was advertised as far as possible, including this website. Over 30 members and non members attended during the day and evening, including Scotta nd Tashia who keep thier boat at Chertsey and live in Blandford Forum !!  Luckily Scott's sister lives in Norwich and she and her spouse came too - and they all enjoyed the camaradarie of the East Region crews.

Mr and Mrs Broom were their usual very helpful selves and loaned a large barbie unit, as did Jason Boast - apparently Jason lets us use his as it goes back in such clean condition !!

Thanks to all the local members who helped on the day, especially Colin and Evie for the use of their large gazebo - more a marquee really! - and to everyone who helped clear up afterwards.

Bigger things are under consideration for this event next this space.

Vic Hodson

Eastern Region Bank Holiday Meet

August Bank Holiday is now just a month away and 10 berths have been pe-booked at Beccles for the established annual get together.  So far, the following boats have booked a space - Kymata, Misty Isle, TimChris, South Cape and Sea Queen.  If you would like one of the remaining 5 berths let me know soonest.

Also, we will be anchoring out for the Monday fireworks at Oulton Broad, let me know if you wish to overnight at Waveney Centre. 

Vic Hodson

East region - mid week meet

Spying that the southern region coordinator has organised a mid week meet....does anyone fancy a mid week get together some time in July ?? This will obviously appeal to those of us who have given up work for whatever reason !!

E-mail me if you would like something to be planned.


Eastern region - August Bank Hoilday

In preparation for the annual meet at Beccles over August Bank Hoilday, 10 berths have been provisionally reserved for us with the harbour master for Saturday and Sunday nights.  Let me know soonest if you are coming.  Also, as the evening cruise to Oulton Broad for the fireworks was a real success, I will also book berths for as many who want them for the Monday night - again let me know soon.

Vic Hodson

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