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Eastern Region Spring Cruises

Two cruises in company are now planned for the beginning of the season. The first is a visit to the Orwell being organised by Ken and Jane Foster meeting at RNSYC on Friday 24th April, meal in the clubhouse. Cast off 25th taking in Woodbridge, Ipswich, Shotley and possibly Titchmarsh, all subject to sea conditions. Return to Lowestoft 2nd May. If you are interested please contact Ken and Jane for further details at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or ring 01603 715131, leaving a message if no reply. As we have about a dozen members based in that area it would be nice for the Broads contingent to meet up with some of you.

The second one was announced in my pre Christmas email and is a cruise to Wells and is being organised by Robert Middleton. We set off Thursday 14th May and return Monday 18th May. For further information please contact Robert at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

I am hoping to announce two social events for March and April soon and three boats are continuing to meet up through the Winter. Anyone who has not laid up their boat is welcome to join us, next trip w/c 26th January.



BOC Joins The Norfolk and Suffok Boating Association

We are now affiliate members of NSBA and for those who are not already individual members this body exists to serve, protect and promote the interests of private boaters of all types in the area, particularly the Broads. It is consulted on many issues by the government, the Broads Authority and the RYA. It also produces the Green Book, which is the definitive guide to boating on the Broads. This book contains Broads navigation information, essential information on facilities and moorings, details of events and regattas, boat class lists and tide tables. It normally costs £5.00 but can be obtained from me for £1.00 plus postage. The next one will be available in the Spring.

It is also worth mentioning that Martin Broom was very much involved with NSBA and they are going to award their own Martin Broom Memorial Trophy next year.

For further information see

Eastern Region Laying Up Supper 5th November and Northern Rivers Cruise.

The Intrepid Six on Yorkshire Belle II, Isabella and Gentle One set sail again on 3rd November to head for the Laying Up supper at the Staithe and Willow restaurant in Horning. Despite tales of high water levels we all managed to get under the low bridges at Great Yarmouth. This was our first attempt with our new boat so it was a bit nerve racking but good weather meant we could lower the radar arch and canopy before leaving Brundall. I got so much practice on this cruise I can now do it single handedly in a few minutes. However it put so much strain on the elderly canopy I will probably have to buy a new one.

The first evening was spent at Stokesby and the Six had an excellent dinner prepared by Jane Neale on Isabella. Wednesday we negotiated Acle Bridge and arrived in Horning outside the restaurant early afternoon at which point the rain started and carried on till the next morning. In the evening 28 members had a great time and and wonderful food. Many thanks to Geoff and Carol Eason for organising it.

Read more: Eastern Region Laying Up Supper 5th November and Northern Rivers Cruise.

Sugar factory visit is a sweet treat for BOC members

Eastern Region members will no longer look at a bag of sugar in quite the same way after a fascinating BOC visit to the Cantley sugar factory. Nineteen members were granted privileged access to British Sugar's processing plant on the banks of the River Yare which is not normally accessible to the public. The factory is a majestic landmark for boaters especially in "cooking" mode, when the huge plume of steam is visible on both the Southern and Northern rivers.

The group (pictured) donned hard hats, hi-viz jackets and safety glasses to see how the rather unpromising dirty and knobbly sugar beet from local Norfolk fields is washed, chipped, turned into a sugar solution and finally dried, to produce the sweet stuff we all know and love. Our thanks go to our charming host Steve Lynn, the factory manager, for his highly entertaining and informative talk. The evening ended with a delicious supper at the Cantley Cock pub.


Eastern Region Visit to Cantley Sugar Factory

On the evening of the 15th October 19 members had a guided tour and presentation by the factory manager. This facility is a landmark which is visible throughout Broadland especially when it is cooking and a plume of steam can be seen for miles. Most boaters have sailed past it wondering what goes on inside and now we know. The sugar beet all comes from within a 24 mile radius and at its peak 500 lorries a day arrive, transport by rail or river being no longer feasible. By products include animal feed and soil for gardens. Normaly it is not open to the public but Jane Neale of Isabella somehow managed to pull some strings and get us in there. My thanks to her for organising it and an excellent meal in a local pub afterwards. Three boats moored nearby-Yorkshire Belle II, Isabella and Gentle One. The rest came by car.




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