Broom Owners enter the Zoom Age

Following my recent posting on the Web Site I can report that the Broom Owners Club have joined many other organisations during these unusual times by embracing Zoom videoconferencing technology. On Saturday morning the committee held their first virtual meeting, which, despite some early technical problems and a steep learning curve, reached a satisfactory conclusion. There had been an initial exchange of views on the committee section of the forum before finalising the decision at the meeting. A draft copy of the minutes will, as usual, be posted on the web site in due course.

...the new-style committee meeting?

A Virtual Regional meeting

Following the Eastern region's successful monthly programme of coffee mornings last year, this year looked as though it would be a series of cancellations. However, the members of this region decided otherwise, and suggested that they should try a virtual event, again using Zoom. This did mean that everybody had to bring their own coffee, of course. I joined them towards the end and found the attendees enjoying the event and were in favour of holding another one.

Unfortunately for our workload, this means that the rest of the regional coordinators and representatives will have to get organised and see what we can set up. At least most of us will have time to do this. So, if members of other regions would like to try something similar, then get on to your coordinator/representative and get them organised. Their contact details are all on the inside front cover of  Sweeping Statements, and on the 'Contacts' page of the  web-site!                                                                                                                     Peter Bentley, Chairman

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