What a fantastic summer! Reading postings on the Facebook page, hearing about new ventures and cruises, it seems that Members have enjoyed an excellent summer, despite the often inclement weather. Did this include you? If you had a fabulous summer - or even if you had some poor boating experiences - now is the opportunity to tell all the rest of us about it. The Autumn edition of Sweeping Statements, the Club's magazine for members, about members and written by members, will be published in November/December.  The cut-off date for sending articles to the Editor is 31 October,  so there is plenty of time for you to write up your summer boating stories, how you installed some new and perhaps exotic piece of kit, or maybe how you overcame adversity and still managed to make the summer cruise one to remember. Please send your stories, your articles and reminiscences to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Photographs always help a good article, so please send them too, in the highest resolution you can manage.  Its your magazine, and it totally depends on members contributions, so don't be modest and get writing now.

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