Sweeping Statements is Out!

All members should have received their copy of the latest issue of Sweeping Statements now. It is sent by 2nd class post and was posted on Friday, 4th December. If you haven't received it, drop me an email with your address - it could be that we don't hold the latest address or correct address for you, although with the build up to Christmas it could be that the 2nd class post is taking a little longer and if you are in Europe it may take a little longer anyway. Enjoy the read and Merry Chfristmas!

Sweeping Statements Winter 2020


That was the season that was, and some might say a season to forget. Not so Broom owners though. Intrepid members have still been cruising, albeit with perhaps a later start date than usual, whilst others have been working away with improvements, modifications and renovations, and now is the time to share with other members what you have been up to.

The closing date for articles for the next edition of the Club magazine is 31 October. Have you got a story to tell, a modification or improvement to share, or  'how to do it' advice to help other members? Perhaps you've been cruising in a particularly beautiful area, and your description and photographs could whet the appetite of others to do the same - you'll be sharing your adventures and encouraging others to maybe explore somewhere new, and it's easy! All, you have to do is email your article, in Word format, together with your photographs in the highest resolution you can provide, to the editor at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 31 October.

Members articles are the lifeblood of the magazine. Without them there wouldn't be anything to brighten those cold, dark winter nights with tales of cruising in the sun, stories of overcoming intractable problems and the thrill of seeing the end product, as a restored boat finally takes to the water again. If that's you then we want to hear from you. Don't leave it any longer. We're really looking forward to hearing about what other members have been up to - and we'd like to hear from you.

Thames Region Lockdown Cruise

The Log for Day I of the virtual Lockdown Cruise is now on line and available to view. Just go into Thames Region, Events and catch up with whats been happening. 


The Log should have been up from Sunday, of course, but due to technical reasons beyond both my ability and comprehension, I was unable to upload it. Thankfully, our resident White Knight and webmaster came riding to the rescue, and John Oldham, with the greatest of patience, resolved all problems and uploaded our Log for all to share. Thank you John, without your expertise it would not have happened.


The Thames Region invite all members to join in their Lockdown cruise, from 10th May to 14th June, as they cruise the beautiful River Thames from a starting point at Chiswick Quay Marina all the way up the Thames to the delightful Georgian town of Abingdon on Thames, where we will arrive on14 June, and celebrate our achievement with a PARTY!
You are all welcome, and you can join the cruise at any stage. Here’s what you do. 
The cruise is split into 6 stages, each stage representing one day of actual cruising between various start and end points. If you have a photo about something on that days cruising area (say the tidal Thames up to the day one halt of Hampton Court/Molsey Lock) email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  You’ll need to identify the photo and which day’s cruise it is intended for, and it will need to be sent before that days cruise is ended (see the cruise schedule below). All entries will then be displayed on the Thames Region events area of the BOC website from the date shown on the schedule, the final entries for day six being shown there on 14 June, at which time you are welcome to join in a Zoom party hosted by the cruise coordinator - but you have to supply your own grub and booze!
 It doesn’t have to be a photo. You could make a recommendation for a good pub lunch stop on the way, or provide information on the facilities, pubs etc on that stretch, or a good mooring. Or you might want to share an experience (keep it short) of that stretch - you get the idea, I'm sure. The item can be from any time, any year, and if you’ve never cruised the Thames you can still join in! You might have some memory you’d like to share about that stretch, or it might be somewhere you’d like to cruise, and you have a photo from someone else to use. Send it along, with the stretch and day identified in your mail, and you’ll be joining in the famous (or should it be infamous?) Thames Region Lockdown Cruise. We’ll make you very welcome. Its going to be fun and simple and with a zoom party at the end! What’s more to enjoy?
Here is the Schedule 
Day 1 CQM to Hampton Court. (10/5) 
Day 2. Hampton to Staines, The Swan.(17/5)
Day 3. Staines to Cookham (24/5)
Day 4. Cookham to Sonning (31/5)
Day 5. Sonning to Cleeve (7/6)
Day 6 Cleeve to Abingdon on Thames. Zoom party (14/6)

Sweeping Statements Spring Edition

The latest edition of the Club magazine, Sweeping Statements, is now out, and should have landed on your doormat by now. It was touch and go getting the printed version out, and in the end the MD of Bloomfield Print, Paul Lowe, personally took the bulk copies to the post office to post. Our layout specialist at Bloomfield, Paul Mumford, must have begun to get tiered of my many phone calls and amendments, as we couldn't do our normal sit down together to get the layout just so, but he put in a sterling effort and I think the end result justified this, so I'd just like to pass on my thanks to both Pauls for their efforts on behalf of the Club in these difficult times. Enjoy the read.

I'm now going to ask John Oldham to put the latest issue on the website, so you'll be able to download a copy should you wish, and of course print off any extras you may require, although I'd urge you to think of the environment before you do so. In the meantime, now that you have more time on your hands, how about writing up that article you always wanted to send in to the magazine. Although you have plenty of time, there's no time like the present, so when you've finished, please sent it, and high resolution photos, to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and anyway before the final cut-off date of 31 October. Take care, stay safe. David

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