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Grass in the Markermeer.

 Earlier this summer we were travelling from Hoorn to Edam on the Markermeer, a short passage, and we encountered “grass”. Fortunately it was a brilliant day and we were going slowly so no lasting damage.  We suddenly found ourselves in an area of long trailing grass which had grown on the bottom and surfaced to the 3 meter depth that we were in and still trailing.  It was not visible from the helm position and caught around our propellers.

 In discussions afterwards we found that there is a large area between Hoorn and Edam infected by this grass growth, unfortunately we did not know beforehand.  So, if you are going between Hoorn and Edam you have to take a very wide circle around the two yellow “sport bouys” which is the only safe way of transiting this part of the Markermeer.

 On the lucky side, once we had caught this grass around our propellers and telephoned Edam Harbour Master, they were obviously used to this call because by the time we arrived in Edam they had a diver waiting for us who cleared our propellers – at a cost!  Nevertheless, the important thing was they did it quickly and there was no damage.

 We have spent the whole summer in Holland and one other point worth noting for motor boaters is that we have found two places, there are probably more, where they are now selling the guaranteed bug free diesel, there appears to be a lot of bug problem in Holland. The two places where we found this was Stavoren and Lelystad, Stavoren was far cheaper than Lelystad.

 Gill and Peter Pitcher, Seawolf

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